Chopper Kit For Classics/Electra/Standard

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Want to transform your Royal Enfield motorcycle into a cool looking chopper, for those long "laid back" rides on open roads?

Look no further, we have developed a Chopper Bolt-On Kit; which is easy to fit without compromising the structural integrity of the motorcycle, our kits don't require any cutting, welding or chopping.
The Chopper Bolt On kit we have developed let's you transform your motorcycle into a chopper in less than an hour. It can be easily installed without any major tools and is available in all original paint schemes.
A complete package of design, quality, functionality & affordability. You can anytime switch back to your original stock motorcycle parts and play with it as per your interests.
Our Bolt-On Kit is easy to fit and does not require any welding, cutting or chopping. Our kits are truly a customizable option, as it enables motorcyclist to pick & choose parts variants as per their taste and comfort.

One year warranty against any manufacturing defect

All hardware includes in the kit

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