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We are a custom motorcycles & parts company that has its roots in, custom bike building and design. Our inspiration comes from the process of building motorcycles and the desire to create unique products by constantly evolving our technical ‘know-how’.


These fundamentals have helped us in creating motorcycles which are not just visually striking but are also thrill to ride.


Our pursuit to find the perfect blend, of technical excellence and design aesthetics has propelled us to build some award winning custom bikes & parts on the way.


We know each of our customers is as unique as the motorcycle they ride, each representing the extension of their personalities.  


The experience we have gained over the years has further strengthened our desire to provide a range of bolt on kits & parts which enable our customers to create these extensions in a practical and affordable way.

J&D Custom Co. is a result of desire to learn the process of building motorcycles. Its started with experimenting the original old school methods of building anything with the bare hands and minimal tools or creating our own tools as per the process demands which taught us great lessons to manipulate those methods using the modern techniques & tools which also helped us expanding our capabilities to design and build anything and everything.



Our approach to build everything in house to maintain the best quality and craftsmanship in mind dragged us to learn and develop many skills and equipment’s throughout our journey.



Whether it’s about building a handmade fuel tank out of sheet metal or rendering a 3D part and machining it in automated CNC or VMC machines, we have gone through all and still trying to expanding our expertise’s and capabilities day by day to achieve the best results & solutions squeezing our design senses to the most


Feedbacks and great responses for our designs from around the world lead us to get into bolt on kits and parts to provide well designed functional and affordable products which can give liberty to any motorcyclists to play, learn and customize their motorcycles as per their interests with the base of our design philosophy.



We found that developing bolt on parts are more challenging than building a custom motorcycle from scratch as for the direct to fit parts one needs to think about improvising the design as well as ease of doing fitments and practicality at most and which is why we have evolved in terms of quality, craftsmanship and processes with each of our products as well as custom motorcycles.   

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