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This is the story of Royal Enfield’s first ever public custom design competition. With more than a 1000 entries, the 3 best designs emerged victorious. The winners embark on a journey to learn about custom building houses, the people that work there, and motorcycle customization in the country. The 3 bespoke designs come to life as they build their custom Meteors from the grounds up. Watch the epic saga unfold.

The winners arrive at the Royal Enfield Tech Center and they are introduced to the pure motorcycling experience and the world of Royal Enfield Custom motorcycles. There is a surprise in store for them as they embark on the journey to build their own legends, based on the Meteor 350.

The winners join the builders at their custom studios and are introduced to the crew. The dismantling process begins and they take on their first tasks to build the legends. Are they up for the challenge?

The teams are working on the individual parts including swingarm, tanks, tyres, and headlamps. One of the teams face a problem. How will they overcome it?

The aesthetic details of paints and stickers are being discussed and the final builds are starting to come together. How are the legends looking like?

The winners and builders arrive at the Royal Enfield Garage Cafe in Goa. They relive their epic journey over the past few months. There is an excitement in the air as the legends are finally revealed.

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